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Quiz instructions

On the next page, you'll find a 20-question quiz that tests your understanding of the concepts in this tutorial. 

The quiz is a mix of multiple choice, true or false, fill in the blanks, and matching questions.

The quiz is untimed, and there is one question per page. 

At the end of the quiz you'll receive a pdf file of a certificate with your name and grade on it. If your professor requests it, you can submit the pdf by printing it out or downloading it and sending it via email or Canvas. Consult with your professor about the best way to submit.

A desk-top, laptop, or tablet (instead of a phone) is recommended for taking this quiz.

When you're ready, click Next to start.


After the quiz, the Next button will take you to a survey.

The survey is optional, and its purpose is to help librarians collect information about students' experience taking this tutorial.

Your feedback will help us improve the tutorial so that it is more effective for DCCC students.

You can take the survey after the quiz, or you can skip the quiz and start it now