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Research Fundamentals Tutorial

Research Question

Research question:

How does workplace automation affect job opportunities in the United States?


Source type: books

Man reading a book sitting between library book shelvesInformation provided:

  • Lengthy and in-depth
  • Investigation on a specific facet of a topic
  • Author is usually an expert.
  • Extensive research—often over multiple years—went into writing the book.
  • Although they can be updated, books are typically published one time. This means that they are not periodicals, which are published with entirely new content on a regular schedule.

Example publications:

Example that would help answer your question:

A book on the evolution of General Motors, including a chapter on how the company determined what automation to introduce first and what they learned from the process.

How to use a book:

  • For a research paper on big companies that added robots to their workforce and whether executives considered the impact of robots on factory workers. 
  • Books can offer in-depth information on individuals’ or individual companies’ experiences.
  • Sometimes one or two chapters provide the information you need. Don't rule out book because of their length.


Image credit: Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash.