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Research Fundamentals Tutorial


Students and staff in the Marple Learning CommonsResearch Fundamentals introduces you to the college research process and resources available at DCCC.


This tutorial is untimed. Go at your own pace. Each module covers a step of the research process. You can navigate the modules at the top of the page. 

The entire tutorial should take approximately three to four hours to complete.


You don’t have to complete the tutorial in one sitting. You can also navigate back and forth as much as you like. Your place in the tutorial cannot be bookmarked, so if you decide to leave and come back, make note of where you left off.

A few pages of this tutorial include pop-up windows. Please disable your pop-up blocker for easier navigation.


Throughout the modules there are ungraded activities and self-checks to help you make sure you understand the concepts. Some of these activities require you to be logged into delaGATE to see them. If you see an error message in an activity window, log into delaGATE in a separate tab of your browser window, then refresh.

Quiz (updated May 2022)

The final quiz for this tutorial is now in Canvas. Please check your course material in Canvas, or ask your professor for access to the quiz.


The detailed information in this tutorial works best on a traditional computer or laptop. Using a mobile device to complete this tutorial is not recommended.

Click the button "Next: The research process" at the bottom right of this window to advance to the next section of this introduction.