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Research Fundamentals Tutorial

Research Question

Research question:

How does workplace automation affect job opportunities in the United States?


Source type: academic journal articles

Academic journal articleInformation provided:

  • Report findings on very specific research projects. 
  • Usually written to answer one specific research question. 
  • Written by scholars in an academic field (ex: neurobiology, computer science, political science, business law).
  • Often contain detailed data.
  • Often provide very specific examples that can be used to make generalizations.
  • Contain references to other research publications that might support your research.
  • Published a few times a year, making it a periodical.

Example publications:

Example that would help answer your question:

Kesselhut, J., Vermeulen, B., Pyka, A., & Saviotti P. P. (2018). The impact of automation on employment: Just the usual structural change? Sustainability, 10(5), 1661;

  • Four robotic engineers studied how the implementation of a particular automated feature impacted eight companies over ten years.
  • Their article outlines how much money was gained and lost and what the positive and negative human impacts were.

How to use an academic journal article:

For evidence to support your argument that implementing automation makes financial sense in the long run, even though there is a high up-front cost.