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Research Fundamentals Tutorial

Exploring background information

Background information provides an overview of a topic and leads you to narrower subtopics to explore. 

Background information also helps you:

Identify key concepts and people define relevant terms understand the context of a topic.  

Background information is usually found in reference sources, like dictionaries, encyclopedias, and biographical sources.  

Reference sources are not generally cited in research papers, but they provide valuable information for getting started exploring your topic.

Finding Background Information

DCCC’s library offers several databases that help you explore topics and gather background information.

Credo Reference is one of them--it's a database of trustworthy reference articles that provide overview and background.

Let's take a tour of Credo Reference and use it to find background information and narrow a research topic.***

* delaGATE login required if off campus.

** pop-up does not work in Google Chrome. Please open the pop-up in a different browser like Firefox, Safari, etc.

Start the tour (opens a pop-up or new tab)