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Research Fundamentals Tutorial

Research Question

Research question:

How does workplace automation affect job opportunities in the United States?


Source type: magazine articles

Person reading New Scientist Magazine with face obscured.Information provided:

  • Generally shorter.
  • Focus on the topic that the magazine caters to. 
  • Provide current information 
  • Written by journalists who may not specialize in the subject area. 
  • Often include photographs and other graphics along with the text of an article.
  • Magazines are published weekly, monthly, or quarterly, making them periodicals.

Example publications:

Examples that would help answer your question:

How to use a magazine article:

For a visual example of how factory workers work with robots. A magazine article on automation may include pictures that help you understand how the process can look.

You’ve read several sources that list the positive outcomes of automation, but you don’t want to assume there are no drawbacks. A magazine article may explore some potential negative outcomes for workers, products, customer satisfaction, etc.


Image Credit: Photo by Trust "Tru" Katsande on Unsplash.