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Researching, Citing & Instruction

Library Collection

The library print collection at Marple Campus features a robust number of book and periodical titles that support the research needs of DCCC students. To search the collection, visit our catalog or type your title in the search box on the Learning Commons homepage.

Collection Development Areas

Looking to connect with a DCCC librarian about a collection area? Here's who to contact:

Louise Feldmann,

  • HA: Statistics
  • HB to HJ: Economics, Industries, Transportation, Commerce, Finance
  • M: Music and Books on Music
  • PB to PM: Modern languages
  • PQ: Romance Literature
  • QM: Human Anatomy
  • QP: Physiology
  • R: Medicine
  • RC: Psychiatry
  • TX: Home economics

Ellie Goldberg,

  • BF: Psychology
  • GN to GT: Anthropology
  • H: Social Sciences (General)
  • HM to HN: Sociology, Social history & conditions
  • HQ: The Family
  • HS: Secret societies
  • HT: Communities, classes, races, 
  • HV: Social pathology, social and public welfare, and criminology
  • K: Law
  • P: Communication and linguistics
  • PA: Classical literature
  • PN: Journalism, poetry, drama
  • PQ-PZ: Literature
  • RC: Psychiatry

Michael LaMagna,

  • A: General Works
  • B: Philosophy, Religion (excluding BF, Psychology)
  • C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • D: World History and the History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • E: History of the Americas
  • F: History of the Americas
  • GV: Recreation and Leisure
  • J: Political Science
  • L: Education
  • Q: Science & Mathematics (excluding QM, Human Anatomy & QP, Physiology)
  • U: Military Science
  • V: Naval Science
  • Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resource (General)

Andrea Rodgers,

  • G to GF: Geography, Oceanography, Environmental Science, Human Ecology
  • N: Fine Arts, art history
  • T Technology (General)
  • TA Engineering (General).  Civil engineering (General)
  • TC Hydraulic engineering
  • TD Environmental technology.  Sanitary engineering
  • TE Highway engineering.  Roads and pavements
  • TF Railroad engineering and operation
  • TG Bridge engineering
  • TH Building construction
  • TJ Mechanical engineering and machinery
  • TK Electrical engineering.  Electronics.  Nuclear engineering
  • TL Motor vehicles.  Aeronautics.  Astronautics
  • TN Mining engineering.  Metallurgy
  • TP Chemical technology
  • TR Photography
  • TS Manufactures
  • TT Handicrafts.  Arts and crafts