When to Cite Sources

Research Papers and Other Writing Projects

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When citing sources in research papers, use a conventional style, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, or Turabian. Each style specifies a uniform way of citing sources that will:

  • Give an orderly appearance to your bibliography or reference list
  • Provide all the essential elements of information that a reader will need to locate the source.


When giving a speech, cite your sources orally.  Provide enough information to allow an audience member to locate the source.  Typically, you should include:

  • author or creator
  •  title of the work
  • date

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Additionally, consider offering a brief statement about your source’s credibility by stating the source’s connection to the topic.

PowerPoint Presentations

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When you use PowerPoint, be sure to cite sources for any direct quotations or images appearing on a slide.  Write the information in a small font in a textbox at the bottom of the slide or under the image. 

If you use a graphic from the Internet, you should cite it, too, unless it is in the public domain (freeware).

Your instructor may also expect you to include a bibliography slide at the end of your slideshow.   Your bibliography should not take the place of appropriate oral citations offered during your presentation.