How do I find useful information on the Internet?

Due to the vast and uncentralized nature of the Internet, the information as a whole has no meaningful organizational structure. You can, however, find useful information on the Internet by using:

Use search engines, such as Google, to search the Internet. An Internet search will generally retrieve a large number of hits ranked by relevancy. You can then sift through the most relevant sites for useful and reliable information. It is easy to limit a Google search to Government publications (gov) or organizational web sites (org).

Many databases that are particularly useful for scholarly research are available on the Internet by restricted access. Delaware County Community College Library subscribes to some of these databases. Delaware County Community College students, faculty, and staff have access to these subscription databases, which contain references to books, scholarly journal articles, and many other sources that are of high quality. Many contain full-text information or link directly to full-text journals to which the library subscribes.