Find Resources

Once you have established a research topic and done some background research, you are now ready to proceed with your search strategy to find sources for your research paper, speech, etc.  Keep in mind that research is not a linear process.  You may find yourself returning to databases, encyclopedias, etc. that you have already investigated.  What follows is a suggested guide for your research.

  1. Search the Catalog to find books and media in Delaware County Community College's Learning Commons. When you find a good book in the Catalog, check items with the same subject or browse through books nearby on the shelf to find additional books. If your book has a bibliography, it may lead you to additional useful sources. 
  2. Search Databases for useful journal, magazine, and newspaper articles on the topic. If the articles you find in the databases you use do not offer the full text of the articles, be sure to check Find It link to determine if another database offers the full text of the articles.
  3. Locate biographical material, when appropriate.
  4. Locate statistical information, if needed.
  5. Search the Internet for high quality web sites.
  6.  Evaluate all sources carefully, especially information you find on the Internet.
  7. Cite sources in the style your professor recommends. 

End of Module 2