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Copyright & Intellectual Property Tutorial

Fair Use - The Basics

"Classroom Guidelines"

  • Part of a report on the Copyright Bill created by the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives
  • Agreed to privately by representatives of universities, publishers, and authors but are not law.
  • Guidelines are designed to help educators interpret fair use.

What is allowed under Fair Use according to the "Classroom Guidelines"

  • Single copying
  • Multiple copies for classroom use
  • Playing music in the classroom
  • Showing audio-visual works in the classroom.

What is not allowed under Fair Use?

  • Using illegally created copies
  • Copying workbooks or tests
  • Copying or loading school software or textbook software on your home computer in addition to your office computer

What is copyright infringement?

Doing the following without permission:

  • Reproduction
  • Republication/redistribution
  • Public performance
  • Public display

For more information about Fair Use:

Copyright Law of the United States:17 U.S.C. § 107

Online Writing Lab at Purdue University: Strategies for Fair Use

Columbia University Library: Copyright Advisory Office

Stanford University Library: Copyright & Fair Use