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Resources on entrepreneurship and small business management

Where to Start

There are many places to find industry research, from articles to industry reports to government sources.

  • Start by identifying your industry.  There are broad industry categories, such as retail or manufacturing, to more specific industry sub-categories, such as the retail shoe industry or the auto manufacturing industry.  It's often easier to find information on the broad industry rather than on more narrow or niche industries.  
  • The  U.S. government classifies industries by what are called NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes. These are updated every 5 years.  An industry code look up is available via the link above.  These codes can be useful for locating government information on industries. Some databases and other resources may also use NAICS codes to organize industry information.
  • See below for databases and government information sources.  In addition to these, trade associations may also provide industry reports.  These are often findable via a Google search. 
  • If you need assistance with finding business information, please contact a DCCC librarian.



Government sources

To locate government industry reports in Google.  Enter in your industry and add  For example, airline industry