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English 112 Tutorial: Literature Research


The English 112 tutorial will help you learn how to conduct effective research in literature and consists of three modules:

  • Module 1: Starting research
  • Module 2: Literary criticism
  • Module 3: Database searching
  • Module 4: MLA citations

Each module ends with self-check questions to make sure you understand before you move on.


This tutorial is untimed.

The entire tutorial should take approximately one hour to complete.

What you'll learn

At the end of this module, you will be able to...

  • Find and identify background information in the library databases.
  • Find and identify literary criticism in the library databases.
  • Generate MLA citations.
  • Get librarian help.

After you've started your research, you can return at any time to use the information on this page as a resource.


Throughout the modules there are ungraded activities and self-checks to help you make sure you understand the concepts. Some of these activities require you to be logged into delaGATE to see them. If you see an error message in an activity window, log into delaGATE in a separate tab of your browser window, then refresh.

Quiz (updated May 2022)

The final quiz for this tutorial is now in Canvas. Please check your course material in Canvas, or ask your professor for access to the quiz.

Get help

Librarians are available to help, and we highly recommend that you get help from us as early as possible.

Connect with a DCCC Librarian


A few pages of this tutorial include pop-up windows. Please disable your pop-up blocker for easier navigation.

Use the NEXT and BACK buttons at the bottom of each module to navigate back and forth. 

Your place in the tutorial will not be saved if you leave and come back.

Click the NEXT button, below, to get started.