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MLA Citations 9th Edition

How to cite sources using MLA 9 [Ninth edition, 2021].

What is MLA?

MLA (or Modern Language Association) style was designed for use in the fields of English language and literature, foreign languages and literatures, literary criticism, and comparative literature and cultural studies. It is also frequently used in undergraduate classes for a broad range of disciplines. This library guide provides basic rules for citing different types of sources using MLA style Ninth Edition (2021), as well as providing links to other guides and information sources.

In this new edition the MLA style has not changed significantly. One significant change is for the location of online sources. The Ninth Edition states that the order of preference for location for these sources is DOI, permalink, and URL (section 5.84 of the handbook).

For detailed information on the Ninth Edition visit the MLA website. For MLA help from DCCC librarians, websites, citation tools, and videos, go to this guide's "Additional Help" page.

For in-depth information, ask for the MLA Handbook Ninth Edition at any Learning Commons Information desk; or borrow a copy of the handbook to take home.

MLA Handbook Plus