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The plagiarism tutorial covers:

  • The definition and examples of plagiarism.
  • Avoiding plagiarism by using citation.
  • Quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing with citation.
  • Note taking and other research strategies for avoiding plagiarism.


This tutorial is untimed, and it should take approximately an hour to complete.

Activities and Quiz

Each module includes an ungraded activity or self-check questions. 

At the end is a graded quiz, which provides a certificate with your name and grade on it. You can download and print or email this certificate to your professor as they request.


This tutorial works best on a traditional computer or laptop. Using a mobile device to complete this tutorial is not recommended.


You can navigate the modules and sections with the tabs at the top of the tutorial or with the Next and Back buttons at the bottom of each page.

You don’t have to complete the tutorial in one sitting. Your place in the tutorial cannot be bookmarked, so if you decide to leave and come back, make note of where you left off.

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