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Research Workshops

Information and schedules for workshops offered through Library Services. These workshops are offered on-campus, online, and via simulcast. Students completing a specific series of workshops can earn a digital badge.

Research Workshop Series

Library Services offers two workshop series designed specifically for students at Delaware County Community College. The Research Fundamentals and Expanding Research Skills workshop series are designed to offer students the skills necessary to find, evaluate, and communicate the information found in the course of their research. Workshops are offered online and in-person.  You can find the times and locations for these workshops and register for online workshops by visiting the Workshops Schedule.

The Research Fundamentals workshop series will cover the research process from start to finish, including moving from a topic to research question, finding relevant resources, and properly citing those sources. In order to qualify for the Research Fundamentals digital badge, you must complete the three required Research Fundamentals workshops in addition to one elective workshop from the Expanding Research Skills category. The required Research Fundamentals workshops are:

  • Getting Started With Research: Learn to interpret assignment requirements, identify a research topic, gather background information, develop a research question, determine the type of information you need, and develop a research strategy.

  • Finding Relevant Sources: Learn to identify relevant sources to answer your research question, select useful search tools, search effectively, and evaluate your search results to select the best sources for your assignment.

  • Organizing and Citing Your Research: Learn about tools and services for saving and citing your sources, integrating your sources into your assignment, and writing in-text and end-of-paper references and citations.

  • Expanding Research Skills Elective

The Expanding Research Skills workshop series builds on the knowledge and skills learned as part of the Research Fundamentals workshop series. To qualify for the Expanding Research Skills digital badge, you must complete four additional Expanding Research Skills workshops.  You can find the times and locations for these workshops at the Workshops Schedule. Just limit your search to the Expanding Research Skills series.