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Argumentative/Persuasive Resources

Resources for an argumentative/persuasive research assignment or paper.

Databases for Controversial Issues

To find a controversial topic or to gather research on a topic, Opposing Viewpoints and Issues and Controversies are excellent databases to begin your research. Both databases provide full reports on topics that give Pro and Con sides of the argument in addition to background information, timelines, newspaper articles, statistics, and further research.

Additional Databases

In addition to Opposing Viewpoints and Issues and Controversies, the following databases can be searched for newspaper, magazine, and scholarly journal articles on your topic for additional information to support your position.

Scholarly Information on the Web

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly articles online.

Google Scholar Search

Requesting Articles

Interlibrary Loan

Delaware County Community College's InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service obtains materials that are not currently owned by the library.