How to Find Books

  • Type the URL " in the address bar
  • Hit Enter
  • At the top of the page, click on Find Books and then  type in a keyword in the search box.
  • If you
    • Know the title of the book, select the "Title" option from the drop-down box
    • Know the author of the book, select the "Author" & option from the drop-down box
    • Know your research topic, select the "Subject" option from the drop-down box
    • If you are not sure what option to use, type a few key words into the top search box
  • When you receive results but only want to see what is in the library click on the "Only Show Library Results" button in the left column. When you find a book that you want, write down the title and the call number
  • Books in the Learning Commons are shelved by call number: the call number indicates the SUBJECT of the book
  • Check the shelves for books that have a status of "Available:" books that are noted "No Available Copies" will have a "0" by their status and will be on loan or checked-out to other users

How College Libraries Organize their books

Most college libraries in the United States use the Library of Congress classification system to organize their books. It is similar to the Dewey Decimal system but it uses letters and numbers.

Every book in the Learning Commons has a call number which can be considered the address of the book. To find the book you will need the call number. Visit the Information Desk in the Learning Commons for further assistance.


More information about the classification system is found at the link below.