Information Literacy

In an environment of abundant information, students must understand academic research techniques and scholarly methods of information sharing. To achieve this goal, students must have the critical thinking skills to understand their own academic information needs, and to find, evaluate, synthesize, and transmit information. These skills enable students to engage with the full spectrum of scholarship. This is why Delaware County Community College includes information literacy as one of its College Academic Learning Goals (CALG)

Those students who complete information literacy designated CALG courses will be able to demonstrate the ability to find, evaluate, and communicate information found in the course of their research.

In order to facilitate information literacy instruction at Delaware County Community College, Library Services offers seven models of instruction in addition to information literacy designated CALG courses.

The seven models are:

  • Course Integrated Information Literacy Instruction
  • Self-paced Online Information Literacy Tutorials
  • Non-credit Workshops (seminars, webinars, and simulcasts)
  • Credit-bearing class
  • Faculty Partnership (Course Embedded Librarian)
  • Reference and Research Services
  • Teaching Faculty Delivered Information Literacy Instruction