Which Candidates Will Appear on Your Ballot?

Who's on My Ballot?

On November 3rd, Pennsylvanians will be voting for:

  • Federal Offices:
    • President of the US
    • US House of Representatives members (based on your district; all districts)
  • State Offices:
    • Pennsylvania Attorney General
    • Pennsylvania Auditor General
    • Pennsylvania State Treasurer
    • Pennsylvania Senate members (based on your district; odd-numbered districts only)
    • Pennsylvania House of Representatives members (based on your district; all districts)
  • Local Offices:
    • determined by local governments

Ballotpedia's sample ballot shows you all your federal and state candidates, along with loads of background information. Finding information on local candidates can take a bit of effort. Sources of information can include county election officials, local newspapers, and local political parties. 

Why Everyone's Ballot Won't Be the Same

Across the US it's expected that candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties will appear on the ballot for various offices. But there are many more parties in this country; candidates from at least one of these will appear on Pennsylvania ballots this year. In other states which lesser known parties will have candidates on the ballot will vary.

Everyone in the US will vote on the same Democratic and Republican candidates for President.

Candidates for Pennsylvania Attorney General, Auditor General, and Treasurer are voted on only by Pennsylvanians across the state.

For the U.S. House of Representatives, the Pennsylvania Senate, and the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, who your candidates are depends on your address. The state is divided into unique districts for each:

To see which districts you're in and who currently represents you in each one, use this great tool from the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

What Do the Candidates Stand For?

Are the Candidates Telling the Truth?

Where do They get Their Funding From?