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E-Books FAQ

What e-books are available for downloading?

E-books on the EBSCOhost platform are currently available to be downloaded.  Many other e-books are available for online reading in your browser from any Internet connection.

Many free e-books and free e-textbooks are also available in addition to the library's research collection.  This chart shows the availability of additional e-book features by platform.

How long can I keep a downloaded e-book?

You will have the option to download an e-book for a period of 1 to 7 days during the checkout process.

What happens to the e-book when the checkout period expires?

The e-book file will expire and become unreadable. 

However, the e-book file will not be automatically deleted from your device(s).  This is because any interactive content you create within the e-book (notes, bookmarks, etc.) is persistent.  If you checkout and download the e-book again, you will see the content that you created during the previous checkout period(s).

What devices are compatible with the downloadable e-books?

eBooks on EBSCOhost can be downloaded to any Adobe Digital Editions-supported device.  Information for Kindle users is available here.

Can I print from e-books?

Yes, but the amount that you can print from e-books varies by platform and publisher. 

For instance, most eBooks on EBSCOhost allow printing of up to 60 pages (but this varies by publisher).  Safari Business and Technology E-books only allow printing of one page at a time.  This chart shows the availability of additional e-book features by platform.

I'm seeing the message "Sorry, this eBook is in use."  What can I do?

Unfortunately, eBooks on EBSCOhost only allow one user per e-book at a time.  However, you can place a hold on an e-book that is in use and receive email notification when it is available. 

Similarly, there is a 2 simultaneous user limit on the Safari Business and Technology E-book collections.  Patrons wishing to use Safari must wait for a session to be cleared if the maximum number of sessions are already in use.

My question is not answered in this guide.

Questions and access or downloading problems can be answered via chat (box to right), email, or by phone: 610-359-5419

eBooks on EBSCOhost User Guide

eBooks on EBSCOhost User Guide

Adobe Digital Editions User Guide

Bluefire Reader App User Guide

Please report access or downloading problems via chat (box below), email, or by phone: 610-359-5419.