Print book

Borrow the book for free from any campus Learning Commons:

The book can also be purchased for a discounted price (less than what's posted online) at the DCCC bookstore.

Audio version

Want to listen? Butterfly Boy is not currently available as an audio book, but we have made text-to-speech versions of the book available in the Marple Learning Commons. 

Come to the circulation desk and ask to check out our Kindle or iPad for the Butterfly Boy audio version. You'll also need headphones, which you can borrow from the circulation desk. Once you get the device, you can use it in the Learning Commons until closing time.

Instructions for reading and listening:

If you borrow the e-book from the library (see above) or purchase the e-book, you can also enable text-to-speech on your own device using these instructions.


Borrow an e-book to download to your own device for 7 days at a time: